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By purchasing this lead generation service (named “Producer Key”) you acknowledge that:


*All personal information that you submit to us using the submission form is, to the best of your knowledge, accurate & true.


*All payment information that you submit (using either Stripe, PayPal, Venom or Cash App) is, to the best of your knowledge, accurate & true. Also, you certify that you have the proper funds to make a successful purchase.


*If you someone is paying for you, on your behalf, to use our service, you certify that you have permission, from them, to do so.


*You must be 18 years of age to sign-up & use our service. If you are younger, you must obtain permission by a parent or guardian who also must sign you up & manage your subscription on your behalf.



By purchasing this lead generation service, you understand that:


*The artist leads (emails, links & phone numbers) that we send you are legitimate or were at one point in time.


*To obtain the leads, we use legal & specific techniques to find each artist’s email, Twitter link, Instagram link & SoundCloud link. Every email address is publicly displayed by the artist on one of pages that is viewable by anyone.


*We will not display, sell or give away your personal information to any entity. It is only seen by our company. The only information that we save is your name, email address & responses that you gave on the submission form.


*Your payment information is not collected, seen, processed or stored by our company. That information is all handled by the payment outlet that you choose (either Stripe, Cash App, PayPal or Venmo)


*All of the artist names, email addresses & links were, at one time, active and may have since changed or been deleted. We ask that if you come across a broken link or an out-of-service email address to simply email us (, let us know which email is no longer active or which link is broken. We will then (if possible) fix the link/email for you and/or give you a replacement lead, free of charge.


*The email address you signed up with will be automatically opted in to receive promotional emails from us that are packed with useful material that can drastically help your image and overall brand. They can also help you grow in this industry both as a musician and producer. These emails come once a week & we will not spam you with too many messages or with irrelevant material. You can opt out of receiving these emails at any point in time simply by clicking on the “UNSUBSCRIBE” button at the bottom of every email that we send.



By purchasing this service, you agree to the following:


*You will not spam any of the leads we send you. Spamming means sending messages (via email or direct message) with unsolicited material to a large number of people without any personalization. We suggest researching every lead & developing a personalized message that doesn’t include any unsolicited material.


*When reaching out to any lead that we send you (via email, direct message or call/text), you will not mention our company’s name (Producer Key). We do not personally know every single one of these leads, we simply found & pulled their public info online for you.





We will cold email and/or direct message (on social media) various industry professionals including (and not limited to) producers, artists, record labels, managers, film directors, etc and pitch our business. We believe that these recipients, after doing research on each one, would benefit from using our service. We offer an unsubscribe button on all emails we send, therefore, these recipients can opt out and not receive any further emails or direct messages from us again. Likewise, telling us to stop sending them direct messages will also result in us not contacting them anymore via email or direct message. Each recipient was found because they have their email listed on one of their public profiles. Along with emailing, we will also reach out to them via Instagram direct message, SoundCloud direct message & Twitter direct message.





These lists will be sent to the customer each week and contain the exact number of leads that they purchased.


Every lead that we have gathered and send to the customer has been verified and is legitimate or was at one point in time. We cannot guarantee that every single bit of information or link within each lead is still active. Artists are constantly changing their profiles, stage names & usernames. If you come across an invalid email address, artist name or link, simply reach out to us via email (, let us know and we will fix and/or replace it for you…free of charge.

Each lead was gathered legally using specific techniques that we have perfected over years and years in the industry. Some general techniques include hashtag searches and search engine optimization techniques.

We cannot guarantee that all or any of the leads, that we send you, will align with the exact genre and/or style that you prefer whether you are a producer, film maker, record label, manager, etc.


If you (or an artist you know) appears on a lead list, that we send to a client, & you want it removed then simply contact us via email ( and we will get it removed immediately and make sure it does not appear on any future list we send out. Likewise, if you or an artist you know would like to be added to our lead database, then simply reach out to us via email with all your contact information.


These lead lists are ONLY for the customer or organization that purchased them. Sharing any of the lead lists that we send you will result in immediate termination of the subscription, with no refund & no more lists or tips will be sent to you.





All information, logos, text, pictures, images, quotes & any other components displayed on our website are accurate & property of our company.





We offer a partner program (also known as an affiliate program or referral program). This program gives customers the chance to create an additional income stream simply by referring our service to other similar entities around the industry. At the same time, it helps our company increase our industry reach & presence. In order to become a parter, you must be at least 18 years of age. To sign-up, (1) the application form must be completed in full & submitted, (2) a review process, lasting one week, will take place, (3) within ten days, the customer will be contacted either way, if accepted or rejected, with an explanation. If accepted, the partner’s will be added to our submission form’s “How did you hear about us” section. When a customer (that they refer to us) signs up, they can select their name under the “How’d you hear about us” section. Each time that someone is referred to us, the person who referred them will earn $10. All payouts to our partners will be done using PayPal & will occur either quarterly or monthly (depending on which option the partner chooses on the sign-up form).


How a partner earns a commission:

(1) The partner’s name must be selected by a customer on the form’s “How did you hear about us” section & submitted. (Free to submit)

(2) The customer has to make the payment.

(3) 15 days has to then pass making the order complete and non-refundable.

(4) Once everything as cleared, the partner is notified (via email) that they have made a commission.

(5) Each partner will be issued their own personal partner ID # & given their own Google Doc to track each of their commissions.


How a partner is paid:

(1) On the initial sign-up form, the potential partner provides the email address associated with their PayPal account & also chooses whether they want to be paid out quarterly (every three months) or monthly.

(2)  A minimum of five sales or commission have to be made (which is equal to $50). This ensures that you are committed to being a partner with us, and will drive a good amount of traffic to our site.

(3) Once the partner earns five commissions, they will be begin earning their payments at the beginning of the next quarter or month. (*Note - the five payments  threshold only occurs once. So say you reach your five payments and are paid out at the beginning of the next month. However, 3 months goes without you earning single commission, then you get one. Well, you would be paid out at the first possible chance, evening if was only for $10.

*There is no limit on how many customers a partner can refer to our company.


Promoting our service:

We allow all types of promotion (such as email marketing, word of mouth, social media promos, Facebook ads, etc), but we DO NOT allow spamming! If you are caught spamming, your partnership will be immediately terminated and if you have not reached 5 commissions, you will not get those payments. Spamming is a serious crime and not only makes you look bad but makes us look even worse. What is Spamming? Spamming is the action of sending unsolicited, non-personal bulk messages (via email or social media direct/private message) to large communities who are not relevant to the specific market or niche. We just ask, when pitching our service, that you be ETHICAL and do things LEGALLY.





We offer two (2) payment options for our service… (1) Subscription based where you can elect to pay either weekly or monthly & (2) Pay all at once, up-front.


For our subscription based option, we use PayPal only to capture those payments monthly and automatically. As soon as you make your first payment, you will automatically be opted into our subscription and be charged each week or month (you choose) at the same time. You can opt out at any point in time either by contacting our company or going directly through PayPal. However, if you opt out of the subscription before the program is complete, you will stop receiving your leads & not get the full amount guaranteed.


For the paying all at once/up front option, we offer PayPal, Cash App, Venmo or Stripe (your choice). Stripe is the only option that we offer that can be paid at the time of the purchase & is done at the end of the submission form. For the other three options, we provide you with either our username or email address that is associated with our account and you must send us the money to complete the transaction.





After purchasing our service, your email will automatically be opted in to receive promotional emails from our company that are valuable and will help you in your career. We will not spam you with irrelevant material. Every email we send will be packed with useful sources, links & products that will can help you drastically increase your brand. At any point in time, you can opt out of receiving promotional emails from us simply by clicking on the “UNSUBSCRIBE” button at the bottom of every email.





Please, do not spam or send any unsolicited messages to our email address(es) or any direct messages to either our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or SoundCloud pages. Please do not give our information to any entities without express written permission/consent from our company.





We do not offer any refunds at this point in time because all information within each lead has been deemed accurate and legitimate. No refund can be issued because our product has been delivered and can be duplicated by you thus making it impossible to return. However, if you let us know of any leads that have broken links or invalid email address (as artists are constantly changing stage names, usernames and/or profile links), simply reach out to us via email ( and we will fix and/or replace every lead, free of charge.





If you are a repeat buyer, please allow up to 1 week to get your leads because we want to make sure we don’t send you any duplicate leads from the previous time you purchased from us.





All reviews/testimonials on our page are exact, accurate & submitted by the accredited artist and/or producer. Each review shows the name and a picture of the user who submitted it, their review of our service and is linked to one of their profiles across the web.


When submitting a review, you agree to: (1) Submit a true & accurate review/rating of our service, (2) If your review is published, you allow us to use it, your name, your city/location, a picture of you (that we find in the page link that you provide) & link it all to the URL of your webpage that you provided. Not all reviews will be published on our website (only three at a time). If your is picked, you will not be notified and there is no set time frame that it will be published and no set duration that it will remain on our website.


By submitting a review that we deem true, accurate & authentic, you will receive 100 free leads within 24 hours. The only way to receive these free leads is by doing what we mentioned in the last sentence, and you must have purchased our lead service in the past. Simply reviewing our service without previously purchasing will deem your review invalid, and you will not receive any free leads.


The free 100 leads that we do send (after submitting a review and having it accepted by us) are authentic/real. If you come across an invalid link or email address (as artists are constantly change their names/pages), then simply reach out to us via email ( and let us know which lead it is. We will get back to you within 24 hours either with the lead fixed, replaced or both.





Our company finds leads (artists, their contact info & social links) for producers who are looking to distribute & spread their beats. All leads are found legally through various internet search methods & social media strategies (hashtag & key word research). Every bit of information that we find on the artists can be found by anybody, is public knowledge and displayed publicly on one or more pages by the artists themselves. The leads are delivered to the producers via email and are organised in a Microsoft Excel document or Google Sheet (the producer picks which option of the two that they prefer).


*Option #1: 25 Leads Per Week | Billed Monthly Via PayPal | Total Cost Each Month = $10.00 USD & That Includes Taxes/Fees


*Option #2: 100 Leads Up Front All At Once | One-Time Payment | Four Payment Methods Accepted (See PAYMENT METHODS Section) | Total Cost = $25.00 USD & That Includes Taxes/Fees


*Option #3: 500 Leads Up Front All At Once | One-Time Payment Four Payment Methods Accepted (See PAYMENT METHODS Section) | Total Cost = $50.00 USD & That Includes Taxes/Fees


*Option #4: 1,000 Leads Up Front All At Once | One-Time Payment Four Payment Methods Accepted (See PAYMENT METHODS Section) | Total Cost = $100.00 USD & That Includes Taxes/Fees





We will not display your name, email or any personal information of yours on our website. We will not give/sell your personal information to any third party entities. The only way we will display your name & profile links on our website is if you submit a review/testimonial to us thus giving us permission to do so.


If you have any questions about these Terms And Conditions or think anything needs added, removed or edited, please reach out to us via email (, and we will look into it.