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& Earn $10 every time someone (that you have referred to us) signs up. It's that easy!

How it Works

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Sign-up using the button above or by clicking HERE.


As soon as you submit the the application, you will receive a confirmation email. Within 48 hours of that, we will either accept or reject your application. Either way, we will reach out to you via email & let you know.


If accepted, you may promote our service to your friends, followers & acquaintances. Anyone who needs artists for their business is a perfect candidate for our services. Make sure they know to indicate your name in the "Who referred you? " section.


When a customer, whom you have referred to us, signs-up, you earn a $10.00 commission. We use PayPal to pay you, & you can choose to receive your payouts either monthly or quarterly.

Full Details & Rules

We have created this partner opportunity to not only grow our company, but to offer another source of income for individuals and businesses. We know times have been tough, therefore, we want to help out. Also, our service creates long-lasting professional relationships, thus bettering the industry as a whole.


✅ Make sure, (when promoting our service), your referrals knows to provide your name in the "How did you hear about us" section on our submission form when they sign up. If your name is not provided, you will not earn a commission.

✅ We will notify you via email every time you earn a commission. It will also show up in your personal Google Doc within 24 hours, allowing you to track all your earnings.

✅ PayPal is the system we use to payout our partners, therefore, make sure you have an account. They are free to sign-up for if you do not. Payouts occur monthly or quarterly, depending on what you choose on the application form.


✅ We give you permission to promote our service in any way you see fit as long as it is ethical & legal. No spamming!

There is no limit on how many people you can refer to us & no limit on how many commissions you can earn!

A minimum of five (5) commissions (which equals $50.00 worth) must be earned before you can receive your first payout. This ensures that you are dedicated to this program and to driving legitimate traffic to our service.

If you need any material (logos, banners, ads or message scripts), we can provide that for you simply by emailing us ( and asking.

✅ For signing-up, we will give you 25 leads for free. You must be a current or past customer of ours to qualify.