Last Updated: Sunday, April 11, 2021


By purchasing Producer Key's lead generation service, you understand that:


*We cannot guarantee that any artist (whose contact information that we send you) will listen to or purchase/license/lease your beats, open or reply to an email or direct message that you send them or even open your message(s) to them.


*We cannot guarantee that buzz will be created and surround you & your work.


*We can guarantee that every email address, SoundCloud link, Twitter Link and/or Instagram link of an artist that we send you was, at one point in time, active. However, with artists constantly changing their stage name, online usernames & links, we cannot guarantee you that every link or email that we send you is currently active.


*Even though we will send you leads that fit your genre & style, we cannot guarantee that you will gain any stardom, fame, wealth or popularity with this service.


*While we will send you leads that contain their social media links & do strongly recommend you reach out to them on these outlets, we cannot guarantee you that you will gain any followers or become verified.


*Once you reach out to any of the artists (leads) that we send you, we cannot guarantee that they will be professional, engaging, willing to buy, genuine or won’t ask you to not contact them again.


*We do not take any responsibility if you reach out to an artist and they reply to you in a hurtful, threatening, mean or inappropriate fashion.


*Even though you will be reaching out to many artists in this industry (that we will provide you with & strongly recommend you reach out to), we cannot guarantee that your overall industry presence will see an increase.


While we cannot guarantee or take responsibility for the aspects that we listed above, if you put the work in, reach out to the artists that we send you & stick to a well-detailed plan then you put yourself at a much higher chance of succeeding in this industry.


This disclaimer is required because (while we do provide you with the best possible leads & tips), nothing is guaranteed in this industry.



If you have any questions about this disclaimer or feel that something needs added / removed, please reach out to us via email (contact@producerkey.net)