Finding the right artists for you

Based on your specific wants & needs, we will deliver high-quality artists to you. Whether you're a producer, film maker, playlister, manager or any other industry pro who's looking for artists to collab with... we got you covered!

Invest in yourself

Not only will we send you qualified artists, but we will provide you with weekly tips that will help you stand out, get responses & make sales. Invest money, invest time & most importantly, invest in yourself. Reach your goals.

Recording artist
Film maker

Work smarter, not harder

Instead of spending hours upon hours each and every week trying to find artists who may not even be interested in your expertise.. spend that time perfecting your craft. Let our team and our proven discovery techniques find the right artists that align with your preferences.

Market your brand the right way

We’ll teach you (1) how to effectively reach out to artists who will want to work with you, (2) how to professionally contact & engage with those artists via email and social media, (3) how to then create a connection & close the deal and (4) how to turn new customers into repeat customers. These proven, step-by-step strategies can be yours today!


Hold a competitive edge

Just as we will show you how to market yourself better than the competition, we make it our goal to be the #1 lead generation service in the industry. How do we do this? Not only is each artist researched and all their public info is gathered & delivered to you in one place, but we’ll make sure their genre & style align with yours! And unlike our competitors, we won’t charge thousands of dollars to do this.

Be versatile & willing to adapt

The world we live in today is ever-growing & constantly evolving. Being able to adapt and stay up-to-date with all the latest trends is key! We’ll provide you with the newest, most effective outreach strategies to get the attention of your recipients. Speaking of versatility… we offer four different payment options. And on top of that, you can also choose to pay up front, weekly or monthly! Whichever is most convenient for you!

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Deliver value

Everyday, we strive to deliver the highest quality service to our customers. We also stress this in the weekly tips we send out to our clients! We already know you are putting your best foot forward in your work, but are you doing the same as far as pitching it to prospective artists? If not, you are selling yourself short. Don’t worry, however, because we got you! Our detailed strategy, that we’ll give you, will show you how to deliver the highest possible quality & value to your clients!


What they say

Don’t just take our word for it, check out what some of our clients have said about our service below.

Alex R., Talent Director

Alex R.

Talent Director

New York, NY, USA


"Even though I’m not a producer, I was looking for leads, in this niche, for my start-up company. I sent both cold emails & cold social media messages to the leads, that were sent over by Producer Key, to pitch my new company. Not only was I able to hit the ground running, but I turned a profit within the first year! I would highly recommend Producer Key because the leads they sent me converted & were very engaging! "

Visuals by GC, film maker

Visuals by GC

Film Maker



"Producer Key was huge for me! I wanted to transition into filming & directing music videos, however, I did not have any contacts or connections in that market. After reaching out to the artists that Producer Key sent me, I booked 3 videos within a month! They were a massive help and anyone looking to break into this industry needs get with Producer Key! "

T-T Beatz, Producer





"With the leads & tips that Producer Key sent me each week, my beats took off! I doubled my leases, drastically increased my popularity & even got to work with a couple verified artists (which was an extraordinary experience I must say). In this biz, it’s all about reaching out and making connections and that’s what Producer Key gives you. Thanks guys and any producer out there looking to grow, Producer Key is the ticket! "