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Email Blasting


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Invest in yourself

Let us handle your outreach! Focus your time on the important things like perfecting your craft, cooking up new bangers, & rolling out new content. Compared to the competition, we deliver high-quality results at a fraction of the cost.


Work smarter, not harder

Instead of going out on the web & looking up artist after artist...
& then having to pitch them your beats, over-and-over...
Whether you do that via email or DM, it can burn you out fast.
It also takes away precious studio hours.
Don't worry, we will handle ALL of that for you!
We've worked with & helped over 5000 clients, since starting in '18, make professional connections in this industry.

Attention to detail

While you're pouring your heart 'n' soul into your beats, paying attention to each & every detail... we're matching that same exact effort with our clients - making sure their beats get in the ears of more artists... the right artists.

High-quality work

Whether you're wanting your beats personally sent to thousands of artists who align with your style, or if you're looking for lead generation to start your own outreach campaign... you've came to the correct place!
Your music will get in the ears of the right artists!
Based on genre, style, sub-genre, & even location.. we'll make sure the right artists get your beats.

Take the initiative

Position yourself for success now. Get artists hearing your work & engaging with you. Don't be afraid to hit up a potential client via DM. Create these professional relationships which will pay off in the long run. Spots are filling up quick, and we cannot guarantee our prices for long so act soon!

Audio Engineers
Audio Engineer & Artist

Create connections

Getting your content noticed by artists who will use it is key. That's why we've developed a system that can match our clients up with the right artists based on a specific style (sub-genre) and/or location preference. Sending them your beats & engaging with them on social media creates a stronger connection & a potential business deal. 

Deliver value

While you're grinding out late hours in the lab, we're discovering new artists each and everyday for our clients to connect with. Instead of just sending a list of random artists to our clients, we go above-n-beyond!
*For our Email Blast service - we'll send your beats/info/links to artists who align with your preferences.
For our Lead Generation service - we'll send you the details/contact info/links of artists that match what you're looking for (ex. - specific style of artist or specific location).

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Be Versatile

Not only does our services benefit producers, but we cater to all types of industry pros. They include managers, record label execs, A&R, videographers, bloggers, radio station admins, & many more!
Make yourself extremely valuable by offering  numerous benefits, producing more than one beat style,  and be open to connect with artists in different genres/stles.


What they're saying

Don’t just take our word for it, check out what some of our clients have said about our service below.

Alex R., Talent Director

Alex R.

Talent Director

New York, NY, USA


"Even though I’m not a producer, I was looking for leads, in this niche, for my start-up company. I sent both cold emails & cold social media messages to the leads, that were sent over by Producer Key, to pitch my new company. Not only was I able to hit the ground running, but I turned a profit within the first year! I would highly recommend Producer Key because the leads they sent me converted & were very engaging! "

Visuals by GC, film maker

Visuals by GC

Film Maker



"Producer Key was huge for me! I wanted to transition into filming & directing music videos, however, I did not have any contacts or connections in that industry. After Producer Key sent out my info to potential clients, I was able to book 3 artists in a month! They were a massive help and anyone looking to break into this industry needs get with Producer Key! "

T-T Beatz, Producer





"After Producer Key pitched my beats to their artists, my sales increased! I doubled my leases, drastically increased my popularity & even got to work with a couple verified artists (which was an extraordinary experience I must say). In this biz, it’s all about reaching out and making connections and that’s what Producer Key does for you. Thanks guys, and any producer out there looking to grow, Producer Key is the ticket! "